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Is there a STM32 Microcontroller with Can Transceiver include?

Associate II
Associate III

I think there are nothing STM32 MCUs that I know.

If there is a product that contains CAN Transceiver MCU of other vendors,

i would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Imen GH
ST Employee

​Hello @CBier.1​ 

I confirm that we don't have the internal Transceiver for all STM32 MCUs.

​You should use an external Transceiver.

Best Regards

Jack Peacock_2
Senior III

In general you won't see low power controllers with integrated PHY transceivers. It takes considerable power to drive a differential bus over a long distance at relatively high speeds. The transceiver is subject to much higher current demands relative to an CM4 controller. If it were integrated it would requires several pins to distribute the power demands, as well as consuming a large part of the die which is better used for flash or SRAM.

If you look at the remaining controllers which do integrate Ethernet PHYs you'll notice a smaller GPIO pin count relative to other controllers in the same package. A few companies have tried, notably TI/Luminary, but it hasn't proven to be economical.

And what do you do if you need an isolated CAN transceiver?

Jack Peacock

Associate II

Hello, thank you for your answers. Background to the question was, i found a microcontroller with an integrated CAN Tranceiver: NXP LPC11C22. I see the benefit in a compact SoC solution.

Imen GH
ST Employee

​Hello @CBier.1​,

I suggest that you submit your request in the Idea Zone :

This way other users can vote for it and when it exceeds 10 votes, it can be reviewed internally.



I successfully interfaced STM32F429I-DISC1 (stm32 discovery with LCD display) with STM32F407 Discovery board (with no LCD) without any external CAN IC just wires and termination resistors.