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Is IS25LP064D supported to work on STM32U5 series.


Hi, im trying to work on external Flash with filex and levelx, and the external flash chip is "IS25LP064D ". i was trying to configure the OSPI, in the memory type other than micron, macronix, AP memory and Macronix RAM. I'm not able to see any other option. so while choosing for the memory chip which im using what to be selected.? or does U5 series supports the ISSI chips?

ST Employee

Hello @meghasb ,


As the memory in question is QSPI chip, you have the flexibility to opt any memory type in this scenario. The selection of memory type will not influence the functionality of the QSPI.


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@NEL M.1 , thanks for the clarification, is their any reference for the driver library for this particular chip.  "IS25lp064d-jkle". 

Supported? Well it will work, but you'll need to read the data sheets and write the code to support the parts you have chosen. Materially it's going to be very similar. For a file system you should perhaps use 4KB sectors as that's the minimum erase size, and write those as multiple 256 byte pages.

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