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Identifying STM32F429 Revision - New package marking?

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i ordered a STM32F429ZGT6.

Now i try to identify the revision of the chip i got.

The marking on the package seems to have changed - there is no ARM Logo anymore.

And where the revison was printed in the past there is now a QR-Code.

Is 340 the date code? That would mean probably 2023 week 40.



The die is rev '4' out of Fab in France, ST Crolles CR300

REV_ID 0x2003

Encapsulation and final test in Taiwan

Mouser has several of the PCN

The '5' die come of a Fab in Taiwan, TSMC Fab14, same design files, different local mask set

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Thank you for this information!

So the 4 right to VQ is the stepping?

Is it still the 90nm process in Crolles?

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In one of PCNs in mouser site, it is mentioned that the marking on STM32 microcontrollers are changed. The document is in attachments.

ST New Markings.jpg