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I'm out before I even really got started...


Hopefully someone at STE cares enough to take this honest feedback on board...

My project had to move from atmel to something with more performance.  I settled on STM32.

The experience has been terrible due to sub-optimal documentation from STE, relying heavily on 3rd parties to explain some stuff that STE should really be on top of.

The final straw has been discovering that I really can't just have a C++ project, without a bunch of back-flips.  The community seems to just accept this as some rite of passage and STE do nothing after years to improve the situation.

I can't think of anything worse than to try and make this work... when there are alternatives people have been suggesting to me after I discuss my frustrations.


I think ST assumes devs can use GNU/GCC, IAR, KEIL, PlatformIO or VS, or the tools of their choice. All these should be able to do C++ / .CPP files, although I would agree that ST's startup.s and newlibs heap allocator is just woeful. Arduino's is much cleaner. Isn't TouchGFX predominantly C++ ?

Getting ST to fix problems, or understand real-world usage of their tools is an uphill ski jumping event..

Over the years I've learned not to rely on third-parties to do my job, deliver what my boss wants, or explain to my boss why it's some third-parties fault something he wants isn't working. I'm paid to make IT happen, whatever IT is today..

Tips, buy me a coffee, or three.. PayPal Venmo Up vote any posts that you find helpful, it shows what's working..

> The final straw has been discovering that I really can't just have a C++ project, without a bunch of back-flips.

Create a cpp file, call it from main.c. Does that really count as a back flip? Generate code still works, no changes needed each time you generate the code.

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