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how to simply test the 2.4 tft mucfriend's display is working with stm32h743   144-nucleo board  using 8bit parallel,  
where to get exact code and library? my driver shown in ardrino's ID check coding using serial monitor, it works with ili9325.

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Hello @jr_engr_mbed 

It is not available in H7 drivers package. However, it has been tested with F4 for example. You can rework it.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Belaid, thank you for replying immediately. I am relatively new to embedded development, having only been involved for about a year. I am currently working on a project that involves a patient monitor. The project's goal is to display an ECG wave from an ADS1298 module and then print it using a thermal printer. For testing purposes, I have been using a STM32 H743ZI Nucleo board, which is readily available here. Initially, I tried using a simple 2.4-inch TFT display for testing, but it wasted my time.

I have a 6.5-inch Android display at my disposal, and I'm considering whether I can use it for further steps in interfacing with the H743ZI. I am interested in understanding how to integrate this display with the STM32 system. This LCD uses an I2C interface, as mentioned in the display specifications. Is there a straightforward method to connect this display to the STM32, perhaps through suitable driver modules? I will attach the related images for better understanding.

Images of a panel in the bag aren't going to help. Find the documentation for the panel and start there. Or get a part# and a web page.

You might have to interpret docs, find other driver examples and port to the platform. ST typically only provides examples for things they ship.

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Associate III

thank so much for help,here we have real heck of a project, please,I need crsytal clear product suggestion and processed with it in future..
1. we are developing medical company..i assosiate with R&D  project on patient monitor with 12-lead ecg ,spo2,nibp,temperature checking..and need to take print ECGwave in thermal paper,by considering all, i need product for prototype for testing...
2. suggest stm32 product suits all with low cost like discovery board.(lessthan 100$) which should  based on high resolution display like 1280x780 capability of high refresh rate 60hz and color depth. ,i'm little bit fresh to embedded field less than year. So, in which type of display is easier to work lvds or mipi.or any other. short as i need only, two things,.high clarity display and stm32 product..
is stm32f469 is suitable as doing all..or atleast ecg alone to display in 1080x780 

please.kindly support from your side as i believe strongly on stmcommunity and company


vishwahnadhan(R&D jr engr)