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FMC timing calculation for NAND Flash

Associate III

Hi Team,

       I have gone through few documents and application notes for considering timing calculation for FMC to NAND, but still i did not get much understanding on this. Can anyone make me to understand how we need to calculate comspace, attribute, TCLRsetup time and TAR setuptime (Using STM32H753 and FMC clock is configured to 32MHz). 

ST Employee

Hello @ranganath_b_rangaramu ,

For more information about the FMC timing calculation for NAND FLASH, I advise you to refer to AN4761 precisely 4.2 Timing computation, that may help.

Also you may find example in the AWS github

I hope this help you.


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      Thanks for your reply. I read the document and have few doubts. 

Can you please let me know what is the clock we need to select here for STM32H753. and what are below symbols suggest as per the AN4761. SET, WAIT, HIZ, HOLD ? 

Hence, we have the following equations following the NAND512W3A NAND datasheet: (page 33)
• (SET + 1) x tHCLK ≥ max (tCS, tCLS, tALS, tCLR, tAR) - tWP
• (WAIT + 1) x tHCLK ≥ max (tWP, tRP)
• (HIZ) x tHCLK ≥ max (tCS, tALS, tCLS) + (tWP - tDS)
• (HOLD) x tHCLK ≥ max (tCH, tCLH, tALH)
• ((WAIT + 1) + (HOLD) + (SET + 1)) x tHCLK ≥ max (tWC/RC)

Can you provide a simple example for clock 32MHz in the above case.