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Chaining two timers on the STM32G4

Associate III

I need to chain two timers together to get one 48-bit timer that counts microseconds, I'm thinking of using TIM2 as the master and TIM3 as the slave.

I have the feeling some of the answers are contained in this table in the Reference Manual but I can't for the life of me figure out what it's trying to tell me:


Here's how I how I have it set up currently:


Am I on the right track?



ST Employee

Hello @c_shearer_cooper, sorry for the delayed answer

To achieve a 48-bit timer using TIM2 and TIM3, you would typically configure TIM2 as the master timer to count the lower bits and TIM3 as the slave timer to count the overflow from TIM2, effectively counting the higher bits. 

>>Am I on the right track? Yes, you are 

I hope that worked for you! if there are any related issues, do not hesitate to get back to this thread 

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