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Can not read memory! Disable Read out protection and retry


Hello. I have an STM32F407 development board. While I was getting used to this card last week, the card put itself into memory read protection. When I try to debug or throw code, the attached warning appears and the attached Fail file is created. Even though I try to set the RDP level to Level 0 (AA) in the "option bytes" option with the STLink utility and STMCube Programmer, it does not work. and the same warning happens again. RDP level appears as FF in STMCube Programmer. I looked at all the form sites. I did all the suggestions but it didn't work (updating STMutility, etc.). How can this situation be corrected? Has anyone experienced this situation before? Can you help?














ST Employee

Dear @ramazan_kavak ,


Welcome in our STCommunity ! 

based on the described symptoms it seems a hardware problem caused by non correct loading of the Options Bytes ( factory programmed) and non user.  Here is what I suggest you for a sanity check :

1) Apply a Reset and if you have the possibility to measure the current consumption of IDD and compare it versus normal operation .

2) Apply a PDR and POR , Power down and then power On

3) please check the V12 on VCAP pins and also the value of the capacitors we should have 2,2uF

4) a hint , if possible to try to heat the device ( while VDD is off , including all board) as you desolder it and then solder it again with a rework station and not exceed the specs - if using PbFree around <300 degree .  I know it is complex but give a try as best as you can .

5) if possible to have the top marking of the device - a top picture is fine . 

Hope it helps you .