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can i add esd on my NUCLEO STM32F-446 ? cause my several of my nucleo often died if the storm is comin


actually i've buy 40 of stm32f-446 nucleo but , 5 of them was died cause of storm , and i think esd can solve it , so can i add it in nucleo , if yes where should i put it ?


There's a problem with your power grid, or wall supplies in your home? Or these are outside in some boxes and get struck by lightening?

What exactly is getting damaged?

What's connecting to them? Other circuits or motors, things connecting into the board.

Perhaps you need some UPS? Or review if you need better isolation?

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Nuclei boards are not Humvees, their main purpose is prototyping in labs, bug duplication on standard board when custom board fails. -40 to 120 °C, waterproof, electrical overstress requires rugged implementation as it is beyond normal operating conditions. At least find the root cause.