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Bootloader choice

Associate III

I have a STM32F405RGTG MCU and want to load a bootloader on it. I am using UART and I2C and want to program it via USB-C. How do I chose the right bootloader? Does ST have original bootloaders I can use?


Thank you.


You can put anything you want on there, with what ever features you deem important. With freedom comes responsibility..

The F4 should support USB DFU out of the box. There should also be USB DFU Device examples in the CubeF4 trees if you have external memory to support/update.

Also examples pulling of USB Flash Sticks or MSC

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I see, I tried doing it with the STM32CubeProgrammer and been following this guide:


I have erased the full chip since I have a custom PCB and was thinking of using this bootloader:


Do you recommand to downloading the CubeF4 and looking at examples there?




Pavel A.
Evangelist III

DotNet nano-framework. There were the days. So much effort has been wasted. And now Microsoft does it again, with Rust.


So what do you recommend then @Pavel A.?


Depends on your goal? For real life projects on STM32F4, C or C++ is the natural choice. 

Bootloader (updater, actually?) - again depends on your requirements. STM32F4 is mature MCU family, there's no secure boot, Trustzone and so on, just do whatever you find suitable.  As Tesla D. wrote, the built-in USB DFU bootloader is one of options.

Do you recommand to downloading the CubeF4 and looking at examples there?

Only if you wish to learn from ground and have a lot of free time. Else look for a consultant.