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are the external loader files for Octo SPI somewhere, github ?

Senior III

It looks like simply replacing the QSPI loader files, which are available on github (CubeIDE)

but not all is exactly the same.

for example the are functions like


do I need to call it somewhere ?


so far the loader for QSPI is working fine but OSPI is coming so far with bunch of errors.



ST Employee

Hello @MNapi ,

ST GitHub repository contains dedicated folder for external loaders. There are many projects for ST evaluation boards and memory sales types. This GitHub provides drivers, examples, loader files and testing routines for external loaders for STM32 series of microcontrollers for QSPI and OCTOSPI.

The required steps to build a customized loader for cube programmer are available at this link (section 3.9) or in this FAQ  How to implement and use your own external flash l... - STMicroelectronics Community.

I hope this help you.


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I am already familiar with those projects they are done in EWARM to translate them into CubeIDE is a lot of work.

 they have the same names



it does not work in CubeIDE

so there is a lot of theory to go through something I have already done.

There is tutorial from STM how to make those loader files for QSPI in CubeIDE but not for OSPI