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Any one can help to find the ST micro MCU part no based on the SMD Chip marking code?




You're imagery is far from clear. Perhaps you can enumerate what you think the markings are, or take a better picture in focus or macro mode?

C146 or C14B << These will be the product marking

PH9R << Fab

7B1Z << Package/Test Date

20 / 24-pin ? Identify pin level connectivity to power, ground, GPIO, UART, programming headers.

Sure it's an MCU, not an IMU or anything else? What's the context?

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Probably STM32C011F6 ... because it is image of Discovery kit with STM32C011F6

Try to find the schematics for your board and you would know...

BTW: what an "ugly looking board" is this? It looks like "hand soldered" (too much solder on MCU pins, cap is not straight...).

If I count the "MCU pins": 20, so as LQFP20 or QFN20: which STM MCU has this package? Not so much.

If so, it could be just a "tiny" MCU, e.g. a Cortex-M0/M0+.

Yes, it looks like the:
STM32C0116-DK - Discovery kit with STM32C011F6 MCU - STMicroelectronics
but hard to imagine that the soldering of STM boards is so "bad".

Where did you get the board from?