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Getting data from SAI interface (microphone array)

Associate II

Hi. I want to make microphone array with 16 ICS-52000 microphones connected to STM32L476RG. I made 16 PCB's and now I want to test each microphone and display some data in console just to see if they just work properly. Below is my SAI config:


ICS-52000 MEMS mics have TDM interface wirh 24bit data.

First time using SAI interface and it's a little bit confusing to me. I've tried to use HAL_SAI_Receive() function to get data, and store it in uint8_t data variable, but it didn't work.

How to do it properly?

Thanks for help!


ST Employee

Hello @erysv,

Here are some remark to help you :

  • Have you consider the stm32CubeL4 package and example code ?
  • For your first time, you can also consult the "Getting started" wiki article found here.
  • Have you consider the chapter 43 : SAI of the RM0351?

Best Regards,


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Thank you for your reply,

I'll check this, because I had problem with finding examples that use SAI.