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DFSDM data parameter problem into .wav file



I have followed the tutorial on Youtube.
STM32L4 training: 07.3 Advanced peripherals - Hands-on DFSDM(L476)

Now I have data in playbuff, and I use uart to collect data by COM port. 

However, I want to inquire some parameter in this DFSDM result, such as
I used the function :  setparms(nchannels, sampwidth, framerate, nframes, comptype, compname)

I have no idea about :
1.The number of channels (nchannels)
2.The framerate (framerate)
3.The number of frames (nframes)
Since I use python and import wave to change into wav file, ex: wav_file.setparams((1, 2, 8000, 0, 'NONE', 'not compressed')), the sound is terrible, hardly to realize the sound but merely can hear some melody. 

Can anyone help me what kind of format is it? Or other solution to change these data into wav by python?

Here are my current devices:

Micro-Controller: STM32L496GDISCO