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STSPIN32G4 with a brushless drone motor

Associate II


For our application, we have developed a brushless motor driver 1.5KW based on the EVSPIN32G4 circuit board.

We use a brushless drone motor with 14 pairs of poles (


I use MC workbench 6.2.1 for the application.

After having profiled the motor and having found the best parameters for starting,

I encountered a problem concerning the maximum speed of the application:


The maximum speed of the application is set at 3200rpm and I cannot exceed 2300rpm.

At this speed of 2300rpm I reach the maximum current per phase of 40A while I only consume 400W on my power supply. The phase voltage seems not to be sufficient, and I cannot resolve the problem.


What parameter or functionality must be adjusted to increase the phase voltage ?


Thanks for your help.