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motor control workbench

Associate II

In the latest version of the STM32 Motor Control Workbench (6.2.1), I am unable to select hall sensor-based speed control for my STM32 Nucleo F030R8 board with the IHM08M1 driver. Despite selecting hall sensor in the motor specifications, the option does not appear in the configuration. How can I enable hall sensor-based speed control in this setup? 

the same is possible with older motor control workbench versions like 5.y.4/5.4.8...etc

Associate II

I made the some changes in board config & now i am able to select hall sensor in speed sensing window . 


now my issue is about motor starting , i need to give small force in order to rotate the motor , after that if running good . or some times speed feed back issue comes just after starting the motor in hall sensor based config . can any one help me?


using 3 shunt

take a look at  this link 

It may help you start your motor in the best way.