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Is posible to change MCU and coustem Driver for MC Workbench stm32

Associate II

Hi all. 

Is posible to change MCU and coustem Driver for MC Workbenc stm32?? 

I found the code with B-G431-ESC development kit/board and used step/dir interface for control the motor. But in my country very hard and expensive for that board( iwant supplay around 50-80V) so i want coustem the driver, used ir2101 or semilar with HIN and LIN input. 

And for the code already done( i see all code complate with mxcube  and ide also) so it posible to change with stm32f401?? This board easy and cheaper on my country. Because i want to control the pmsm motor with step/dir interface. That used mc workbench version 5Y. Not version 6.

Or i must build from zero the code and put step/dir interface, copy from firt code i mention?? Because i confiusd how to add step/dir/enable interface for control pmsm motor. I want to used for my cnc, it pmsm motor with quadature encoder 2000ppr.

Thank u so much. 

I hope somebody can help me🙏