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i'm using this driver EVALSTDRIVE101with its controller board and want to integrate it with another microcontroller instead of GUI software . if there is any available document explain the frames format ?

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Hello @GMoha.1​ ,

I'm not sure what do you mean with "frames format" ?

Are you referring to the connector mapping for the control board ?

In this case you can check the user manual of the EVALSTDRIVE101 board: UM2781 (see section 3.1)

Or do you want to use another microcontroller of the STM32 family instead of the STM32F303, used in the example related to the board ?

This example was created using the MC SDK software and the project file is included in the example firmware package STSW-DRIVE101 (see the .stmcx file).

You can open this file with the MCSDK software and adapt the project according to the microcontroller that you want to use.

If you try this, I suggest to rename the .stmcx project so a new project folder will be created.

Please, let me know it this answers to your question or share more details about your needs.