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How do I (can I?) convert from motor SDK 5.4.4 to 5.Y.4

Senior II

I need to convert a project from SDK 5.4.4 motor code to 5.Y.4.

My motor project started out on a Nucleo board with a 64-pin STM32G431 with an 8V driver board but my product became a 48-pin STM32G431 with a 5V driver. Because of this my *.stmx and *.ico projects have not stayed up to date. My CubeIDE project and source code IS my project and is in Bitbucket.

Now I am having a technical issue with the motor control that indicates I need more resolution in the speed feedback. The source code affecting this is in the Luenberger Observer and sliding mode PLL which are not available in the 5.4.4 source code (my project files) but is in the 5.Y.4 source code.

As a starting point I took my old *.ico file and "generated" new code to compare to my existing projects. The code generated did not finish compiling without error.

Does anyone have some suggestions on what I might do?

If this is not doable I'll need to lookat other means to improve speed resolution in my existing code project.

If I could get the FULL source code of the 5.4.4 code that would be the fastest approach for me, and maybe the only feasible approach.