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g071rb+ihm07m1+bul lrunning motor

Associate II

I am experiencing issues while trying to operate the BR2804 1700Kv BLDC motor with the IHM07M1 motor controller and either the L476RG or G071RB board. we are just using the software like cube mx , cube ide to genarate code . while using L476RG , all pin are matched with IHM07M1 but even after changing some values in mc workbench , the motor only rotates for a short duration (2 or 3 seconds) before encountering startup failure or speed feedback issues. Additionally, the motor sometimes produces a struggling noise during the startup process.

ST Employee

Dear #iR,

For L476, did you decrease the PWM frequency? I was able to run a test at PWM @27kHz.
You can try by decreasing the Current regulator Cut-off frequency (to 2000rad/s e.g) in order to be less noise sensitive.

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Associate II

i am having g071rb , what will be its issue ?