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Does ST FOC SDK support generator mode?

Zt Liu
Senior III

Hi, dear all!

I am curious about the current functionality of FOC SDK.

I checked that in ST Motor Control Workbench does support over voltage protection and a brake resistor can be used to dissipate the power.

But I am curious about whether or not the motor can work in torque mode,

and continues to produce a resisting torque, dissipating mechanical power and converts to electrical power.

like a negative Iq configuration?

thanks for reading this post!


Associate II

Hi Zt.

I am, al well, new to the ST MC SDK, but so far, I think the generator mode is not supported, haven't seen anything related in the documentation.


Hani Chahine
Associate II

Yes. When torque (Iq) is the opposite direction of speed you will be regenerating​. This is an inherent feature of FOC.

Thanks for the reply, Hani!

Have you ever tried this generator mode using ST's FOC library?

The proof is that if you go to run the motor at high speed (5000 RPM) and then set a low speed (500 RPM) with zero or low value ramp (10 ms) you will get that MC Workbench Monitor will report a failure for "Over voltage ". This happens because the regenerated voltage causes the bus voltage to rise, but since there is no braking circuit (with resistors), this voltage exceeds the maximum threshold. To verify all this I advise you to feed the card with 30Vdc instead of using the small 12V power supply included.

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

The question has been moved from the "Motor Control Hardware" section to the "STM32 Motor Control" section (the question is about the STM32 MC SDK). 

Best regards