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b-g431b-esc1 Overcurrent at the start

Associate II

I have a custom motor controlled with the b-g431b-esc1 that I have been able to run in position control mode without overcurrent protection. As soon as I activate overcurrent protection the motor goes in the fault state when I click the "start" of the motor pilot. The motor does not perform even alignement. I tried to change the following lines of code of `mc_parameters.c` file:


const R3_2_Params_t R3_2_ParamsM1 =





/* DAC settings --------------------------------------------------------------*/

.DAC_OCP_Threshold = 4083,

.DAC_OVP_Threshold = 23830,




moving the `DAC_OCP_Threshold` to 4483 and the motor does not go in overcurrent anymore. I think that 4083 is generated from the MC_Workbench from the 45A limit of the board, but using the 4483 exceed the 4096 that should be the 12-bit DAC limit.

The motor is powered with a supply limited to 5A. For this reason I think 45A current on the shunt resistors is hard to be reached.


Am I missing something?

Let me know,

best regards


ST Employee

Hello @giova_,

Is-it a customized b-g431b-esc1?
Did profiled your motor through another ST platforms?  Could you share your motor characteristics?
Do you have also this over current in case of Speed Control mode? Open Loop mode?

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Best regards.