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STM32F7 STM32F769 DFU configuration

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Iam trying to use software DFU bootloader trigger from STM32 application (BOOT1 and BOOT2 are untouchable). Application use USB-FS (service/CDC) and USB-HS (data/CDC), but trigger will be send via existing USB-FS (CDC). USB-FS use PA11 and PA12 and will be used as the same interface for DFU. HSE use 25MHz (ST recommend 8M). Is it possible to use DFU triggered from software in upper configuration?




Yes, you can use USB FS DFU on PA11/PA12. Launching the bootloader will re-initialize the USB mode to DFU, assuming no other bootloader peripheral pins are active.

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Jumping into the ROM might not be viable. Would need to check the zero address remapping (SYSCFG), and ability to jump into the ROM.

AN2606 should indicate is 25 MHz is usable, expectation is the ROM can benchmark it. Check for noise on other interfaces the loader might be checking.

Consider compiling your own DFU boot loader that can reside in the front of the FLASH and allow programming of the remainder.

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It's should be best, do you have reccomendation about existing bootloader solutions ?