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STM32F407 discovery board: USB and I2C issue

Associate II

Is there anyone who experience this issue?


I use eeprom with I2C and USB OTG communication in STM32F407 discovery board. There is no common GPIO pin.


whenever I use USB OTG to write something in eeprom through I2C, USB and I2C looks disabled in same time. 


I googled it and found there are similar issue but no solution at all.


is there any solution?

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

@Jimmy_LEE wrote:

USB and I2C looks disabled in same time. 

What do you mean by that?

What investigation/debugging have you done to find out what's going on ?

Muhammed Güler
Senior III

Are you sure there is no problem with interrupt management?
I felt that you were trying to perform long operations within the interrupt without seeing your code.

ST Employee

Hi @Jimmy_LEE 

Would you provide a minimum example to replicate this issue? you can check if it's applicable on specific I2C / OTG instance?

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literally looks all function stop. No usb communication response to PC and no I2C response.


I have debugged them but I have no idea about this issue...

I think there is no problem with interrupt management. This is really weird. I have checked I2C interrupt couple of times..



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