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PWM with external trigger

Associate II

Hello Team,

I have an STM32F469NIHX and I am trying to implement a use case where I want Timer8_ch1  to be a slave to an external signal that I apply on pin D2 (PG7), which is not a source of timer at all. 

Upon reading the DS, I understood that I cannot use an external trigger mode, as the ETR pin specific to TIM8_CH1 is not the one that I have my external trigger on.  What is the alternate option I have, in order to get this up? Any leads on this would be of help.



ST Employee

Hello @Jansunil

You can configure another channel of TIM8 as an input capture channel. If PG7 can be configured as an input capture for TIM8, you could capture the timing of your external signal events on that channel

Alternatively, if PG7 can be used with another timer that can be slaved to an external signal, you can use that intermidiate timer and then use inter-timer communication (ITR) to slave TIM8 to the other timer.

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