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NUCLEO-H743ZI ethernet protocol with keil


I want to start the ethernet protocol with NUCLEO-H743ZI. For this I used the following tutorials :

and I was able to do the ping operation with CUBEIDE, but my main goal is to use Keil. And when I go through exactly the same steps for Keil, it doesn't get pinged.

note: I found that I had to put "DEBUG" on mode "trace". When I didn't do the work, the microcontroller didn't do anything (not even flashing).

CUBEMX version 6.4.0

STM32CubeH7 version 1.9.0

KEIL version


ST Employee

Hello @mjadi.1 ,

I advise you to start with an available LwIP_HTTP_Server_Netconn_RTOS example in the STM32CubeH7 and get inspired from to create your LWIP project.

Note that this example support Keil toolchain.

I hope this help you!


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Chief II

The Ethernet driver in CubeH7 before the version v1.10 was basically dysfunctional. So there is no point in debugging that obsolete junk. Anyway, all of it is still a broken bloatware: