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Interrupts not working with Bootloader

Marco Burgener

Dear Community,

I'm working on a bootloader project using an STM32L071. I was able to start the main application using the code below:


void HalSys_BootMainApplication()
    /* Set address to jump to*/
    volatile uint32_t jumpAddress = *(uint32_t*)(0x08008000 + 4);
    pFunction jump = (pFunction)jumpAddress;

    /* Set stack pointer to new initial value, located at the start of the new application */

    /* Jump to application */


The main application start successfully (I get a lot of logs over UART) but apparently the interrupts are not working. After having searched for a solution in the forum, I came across the SCB->VTOR which apparently must be set correctly in the main application such that it can find the correct interrupt addresses. So in the main application's system_init, I'm setting it to 0x08008000, but then the application doesn't even start at all. Any idea?

Many thanks in advance and best,