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If i use the mpu and for programming another region, does a HAL_MPU_Disable() remove the old config?

Paul Hein

I am using an STM32L471QE, and am programming its MPU. Because of the Software architecture i try to enable the MPU regions one at a time. Does the MPU keep the old configuration if i disable it or do i have to program all the seperate parts again?


Perhaps look at ST's Programming Manuals (PM) or ARM's Technical Reference Manuals (TRM) for the core. Pretty sure the MPU has an enable/disable at the top level, and an enumerated list of regions. If in doubt check the controlling documentation.

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Senior III

I guess ARMv7m ARM is the most covering document. And to me it appears weird if disabling MPU makes it lose its settings...

But better safe than sorry, better check the manuals...