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I need help to implement SNTP on NUCLEO - H723ZG board it consist STM32H723ZGT6U microcontroller.


This is SNTP related query.

I have connected my NUCLEO - H723ZG board with ethernet LAN port and now I want to receive and extract time ( through SNTP) on my NUCLEO - H723ZG board so i need support a reference code which can complete my desired requirement.

Please provide guidance in this regards.

It on urgent basis.

ST Employee

Hello @SGupt.13​ and welcome to Community 🙂 ;

I advise you to get inspired from the Nx_SNTP_Client example available in x-cube-azrtos-h7 package.

This example developed with STM32H747I-DISCO board.

But, you can configurated your project with Nucleo-H723ZG by following the instructions "How to develop a NetX SNTP client and connect with an STNP server to get a time update" in the readme file.

I hope this help you!


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