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HOW to reset nucleo H755 (blocked board)


Hola a todos, soy nuevo en STM32.

Mi placa está bloqueada en este estado (ver en la foto): 2 LED en estado rojo continuamente.


Busque en Google y descargue una copia de STM32 Cube Programmer, evita las tonterías de IDE/GDB

Revisar el manual de la placa, hay diagramas y esquemas. Hay un par de puentes de repuesto conectados al tablero, consulte la parte superior derecha e izquierda.

Cortocircuite los pines VDD y BOOT0 con dicho puente. Pone el chip en modo cargador, sin ejecutar su código, eso probablemente esté bloqueando la placa.

Apague y encienda, retire y vuelva a aplicar energía a la placa a través del conector.

realice los pasos anteriores y no funciona



Gracias por tu ayuda !Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-06-13 a las 14.38.28_7aedc905.jpg


"Hello everyone, I am new to STM32.

My board is stuck in this state (see in the photo): 2 LEDs in red state continuously.

Google and download a copy of STM32 Cube Programmer, avoid the IDE/GDB nonsense

Check the board manual, there are diagrams and schematics. There are a couple of spare jumpers connected to the board, see top right and left.

Short circuit the VDD and BOOT0 pins with said jumper. It puts the chip in charger mode, without executing its code, that is probably blocking the board.

Power cycle, remove and reapply power to the board through the connector.

do the above steps and it doesn't work"


What's the Error?

For the LDO/SMPS lock-out you must Mass Erase to clear the device after doing the power cycles, and successfully connecting via STM32 Cube Programmer.

This won't solve other issue, like physical/electrical damage to the board. Did the board get shorted on a metal or conductive surface? Did you attach other hardware?

I don't see a connection on the BT0/VDD or jumper in provided imagery.

Make sure to use a DATA cable, show STM32 Cube Programmer connection screen. Show the ST-LINK in the Device Manager screen.

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Olse write in english as we are in an international forum so anywone can undestand you.

Thank you for your understanding

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