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Associate III

Hello, I have created a project about eth http as a server as well. stm32h750b-dkI have created a web page. Then I wanted to develop the ability to connect to the phpmyadmin database. I tried writing code with html and javascript (the reason I used javascript was because I couldn't use php), but I couldn't succeed. I can't attach the file because it contains a code to log into the company's database. But if you want to see another part of the code, I'm happy to send it to you.

Another way is to let the microcontroller use the database connection library itself. I'm not sure if I should use this method. Because there is no clear example.

The main goal is to create something similar to Blynk that allows data to be sent and received. The main server for controlling outside the LAN. But I can't find any information that fits the purpose.
There is an interface page for controlling and turning into a web service.

With great respect