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Connection through ethernet

Associate III

Hi, I am trying to create a connection through ethernet with lwip however I stuck at netif down I guess it related with flags which are checking the connection. I am using  STM32H735 board. lwip.c file codes are taken from the github ( that is recommended in the forum for IDE 1.9. (FreeRTOS is being used.)


netif_add(&gnetif, &ipaddr, &netmask, &gw, NULL, &ethernetif_init, &tcpip_input);

if (netif_is_link_up(&gnetif))
{ netif_set_up(&gnetif);
{  netif_set_down(&gnetif);
}netif_set_link_callback(&gnetif, ethernet_link_status_updated);



ST Employee

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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@Kuttay   In your code snippet there's a while(1) loop.  Have you noticed that in the example this sequence runs only once, in the initialization?  Does your link status detection work?


I tried to make the system constantly check the link status so when the connection is set the system star yet. Without while(1) loop system starts with down link and I find my self stuck at private task error. But I will imediately check the statust detection. Thanks. 

Associate III

I checked the status detection but could not see any problem. I think problem could be related with tcp connection without setting the connection system continues to send tcp but stuck at receive uart while trying to send tcp since no connection is set.