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BMPFileLoader not working for me

Associate III


So, I want to load images at runtime from the flash memory, I have just started testing this and I found the official post on how to load BMP files at runtime, I copy pasted the BMPFileLoader.hpp and .cpp files, and called them like this:


It's like that because i have 21 elements and for now I just wanna change the 2nd one for testing.


The problem is i execute it with no errors, but when i execute it i get an empty image like this:


The text and the 3 images are because the image is inside a container with those elements too

The image i load is the default poly.png image from touchgfx assets, but i turned it to bmp. Just in case I also tried converting it to jpg, as for some reason in the example of the official post it appears to be calling a file named image.jpg instead of bmp but it did'nt work either, any ideas on what I am messing up?




ST Employee

Hello @I_ve_got_a_problem , 

Could you please first precise the STM32 product you are using and wish example are you tested ?

Thank you 

BeST regards