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Blocking a GPIO pin to LOW state

Associate II

Hi, I have a circuit in which I want to check every cycle if a measured voltage is over a limit value and in that case disable the measure over one of four DUTs forcing to LOW the state of some pins. The problem is that in the main loop I have command line that set the state of the pin sometimes to high and sometimes to low and I would to find a way to block the state of a pin and do not change his state until the end of the program. I thought to use the IF but I have 4 DUTs to check and control separately.


You haven't told us which STM32 and which pins, so just a vague answer:

One of the tricks could be setting the pin to AF to a peripheral which can hold it low, e.g. timer. After that, writes to  GPIOx_ODR (directly or through GPIOx_BSRR) won't be reflected on the pin's state.

Nonetheless, this is not something you can click in CubeMX.



Can't you implement this in program logic?

If out of bounds, don't change pin state.

I don't see how having 4 pins like this changes anything. If you have an array for them, you can do the check there. If not, four separate statements will work.

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