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B-U585I-IOT02A board app with Wi-Fi with mbedTLS, LWIP, FreeRTOS

Associate II

Hello, I am trying to port an existing network application which runs on a Linux device to the B-U585I-IOT02A board. (MCU is STM32U585AIIxQ.)  I need to use the on-board MXCHIP Wi-Fi and mbedTLS. I think I need to use LWIP and FreeRTOS as well.  At the lowest levels, it's using sockets for the network connections.


There does not seem to any examples for this board which use this combination of drivers and middlewares (i.e. Wi-Fi and sockets). 


I've managed to cobble together a project that includes the Wi-Fi (based on the "IOT_HTTP_WebServer example. The MXCHIP connects to the access point, gets an IP address, etc.), includes mbedTLS, and FreeRTOS, but I can't actually compile / link the socket code.


The missing functions are mbedtls_net_connect(), mbedtls_net_recv(), mbedtls_net_send(), and mbedtls_net_free(). I've seen these functions implemented in net_sockets.c in STM32 examples for other boards, but they are platform-specific. I believe that this file for the other platforms comes out "automatically" when the example is imported from "STM32Cube Examples". And even if I had these functions, I'm not sure how to connect them to the existing MXCHIP Wi-Fi drivers.


I've been beating this up for weeks! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.