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We asked for STLink preprogrammed 'F103, we got STLINK-V3MINI

I know it's based on 'F7 and is faster and shinier than what fits into the 'F103, but... It's 9 bucks instead of what might be around 3 and the extras aren't worth it.

Also, for on-board integration, although it has the "detented contacts" on the side, the connector on the bottom prevents population. Manual mentions STLINK-V3MODS without the connector, but that's nowhere to be seen, and I doubt it will be cheaper. And even then, it would impose the connector being on the edge of a stack of 2 boards, which is impractical for enclosure design.

I also assume, the $9.xx is an introductory price, as this is what we've seen in the past with both STM32 parts and devboards. There are no volume discounts.



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This is super impressive and cool.

​I had a similar reaction about the pins - especially considering the LEDs are on the opposite side and a board with the pins cannot sit flat on the bench.

Having said that, I think the MODS version with the castellated pins will work great because then I can solder it to a carrier board that has a level shifter to the target's voltage.

Would be great to get a schematic for this.

ATMEL's EDBG was like $8 in shed-load quantities.

Segger has a firmware load for it.

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STLINK-V3MODS looks greate, especially when you custom programmer for you. Is anybody know hot to reflash MINI to MODS. I know thera are some additional elements, but before STLINK-V3MODS will be on market I can disassembly few components. 

This is the same PCB: MB1467 (based on doc UM2502)