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Undocumented Pullup on Pin PB4/JNRST



as I see it here in my test PCB, the pin PB4 (JNRST for JTAG interface) seems to have an internal weak pullup during reset (I assume 40kOhm as NRST - an external 10kOhm will pull this pin down, but 100kOhm pull down does NOT work...).

It is luckily "no real problem" in my application - but this is NOT mentioned anywhere in the datasheet - I think this should be somehow mentioned in the Datasheet, maybe chapter 7.3.16 "NRST pin characteristics", and also in the pin description table 7 (chapter 5) you possibly should write for PB4 "FT_pu" ("_pu" to signify this "weak pullup") instead of "FT").

My chip type here: STM32H750V (LPQFP100), Rev. V.

CORRECTION: Sorry, I found it now in the Reference Manual, chapter 10.3.1 ("GPIO), there it says that the debug pins JTDI (A!4) and NJTRST (B4) are in pull-up after reset... . But this info is a bit hidden, it would be nice to have this also somehow described in the pinning table and the NRST / Reset description of the datasheet. (I assume, that few people really use JTAG debug interface, most people like me presumably just will use 2wire debug SWCLK+SWDAT).

ST Employee

Hi @flyer31​ ,

For your PCB design, you need to refer to AN4938: Getting started with STM32H74xI/G and STM32H75xI/G hardware development.

You find there a dedicated section describing the debug port pins and details about "Internal pull-up and pull-down on JTAG pins":

  • NJTRST: internal pull-up
  • JTDI: internal pull-up
  • JTMS/SWDIO: internal pull-up
  • TCK/SWCLK: internal pull-down


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Well assimilated this info.

Watch that the NRST doesn't fully reset the chip, several behaviours related to options, boot-up, power (LDO/SMPS) that seem to require physical power cycle

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