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Associate II

Good afternoon everybody,

I bought an STM32H747I-DISCO, and installed the TouchGFX demo software.

When I turned on the board, the demonstration ran perfectly on the LCD display, but after a few seconds, the images on the display started to show problems, as shown in the photos.

If I disconnect and connect the USB cable, the problem continues, but if I disconnect and wait a few minutes, and turn it on again, the display starts perfectly and after a few seconds the problem appears again.

I'm using St-Link v3 USB power.

Has anyone had this problem?



ST Employee


It could be an issue related to the LCD.

If you have a chance to have another LCD, could you please do a test with it?

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I have another one in the box. I will open it to test.

I'll let you know the result soon.




Dear @SofLit ,

I  tested a brand new STM32H747I-DISCO board, opened the box, and installed the TouchGFX demo software again.

I had a similar problem, but this time it took about 1 minute for the defect to appear.

As I bought the 2 boards at the same time from, I believe the problem could be the LCD batch, what do you think?

This new LCD has serial number: MB1166-A09 A23080445

Can I buy just the LCD to change the boards? Could you tell me the model and if I can find it on or

Have a good day!





It could be a batch LCD issue.

You can refer to these threads for more help:


To give better visibility on the answered topics, please click on "Accept as Solution" on the reply which solved your issue or answered your question.
Associate III

Hey guys - Just picked up a STM32H747I-DISCO board from Digikey and having an issue.  As delivered, LCD is non-functional.  In the past when I've had similar boards, they were running the demo software out of the box.  I removed and re-installed the LCD just in case something had come loose during shipping.  Also as a pre-caution, just in case it didn't get programmed, I flashed it with the software binary from ST's site.  LCD still non-functioning.  LCD module is a MB1166-A09 with SN A230900038.

Software on the main board seems to be running.  When I plug it into a PC, it enumerates and has a file system available.  Also, since i was able to program it that seems functional.

How do I go about getting this resolved? Get it exchanged thru Digikey?  Thanks,


Typically the vendor you've purchased the boards from would be the one to RMA it.

Unless ST has particular wish to want to root-cause the failure. 

Perhaps a connector issue, flex circuit or soldering. You might want to do a visual inspection, especially with the Mictor connection. If you've got other panels that work well you could perhaps see if it's a STM32 side, or display side issue, and if the issue follows the panel.

Not sure if the display controller gets particularly hot. If you have a thermal camera you could perhaps check with that.

If you've got XRay equipment you could perhaps use that to inspect soldering.

If there's some consistentency to the failure reports ST might address those.

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