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St-link v2 upgrade to 3.11.3 seems to cause a "target no device found" problem. I was wondering if this is due to me using el cheapo generic stm32f401cdu6 boards? Is there chip counterfeiting happening, and has ST started testing for counterfeit chips?


This problem exists with both a nucleo 446re programmer as well as multiple generic stlink v2 programmers. These programmers will all update successfully from the stm32cubeide. I have tried different debugger settings. This "target no device found" never happened before and seems timed to a software update of the stm32cubeide and the stlink v2 upgrade. Happens with both windows 10 and 11. I can switch to using only authentic nucleo boards if necessary, but I would like to determine the root cause of this issue before making any decisions. Most the nucleo boards are kind of big. Is this problem just a temporary bug, a configuration error, my error, or is it a result of cheap counterfeit chips and programmers? Is it possible that the chip id's of the target devices being rejected as counterfeit and the software won't state this plainly? Please advise.

ST Employee

Hello @SJone.4​ ,

Check the jumpers and boot pins.

Try "Connect under reset" mode.

Please have a look at this article, it may help you:

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