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SD-Card function BSP_SD_IsDetected backwards?

Guido Körber
Associate III

It looks like the BSP_SD_IsDetected function from the sample codes is working backwards.


According to the SD-Card spec this pin has a weak pullup (50 kΩ) inside the card. So the STM32 should have a weaker pull down on the pin and detect the presence of the card if there is a high on the pin.

But the sample code activates the pull up and checks for a low as the indicator of the SD-Card presence.


>SD-Card spec this pin has a weak pullup (50 kΩ) inside the card

Source please ?


Micro SD-cards - we talk about - right ?

Here the card holder usually has a switch to case/gnd, so its easy to detect a card-is-in , ie with a pin+pullup connected to this switch. Other way is just send command -- and wait for response, or not.

Cd is this card-detect pin:




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Source: Simplified Physical Layer Specification


That is pin 1 on SD/miniSD and Pin 2 on micro.


While the other options may wirk too, detecting the card presence via the CD/Dat3 pin is what the sample code does.

Most sockets have a mechanical switch which grounds when a card is in the socket. It's rather rare for one to use the pull-up in the card itself, as again most sockets for SDIO/SDMMC need pull-ups for signal integrity with pins changing direction in 4-bit modes, and not using 1-bit modes beyond initialization.

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Guido Körber
Associate III

Please, this question is about the sample code, not about the SD-Card specs or various sockets.

So again: The sample code for the F7 series seems to do the card detection wrong. I wonder if this has ever been tested?

Here is the function:

uint8_t BSP_SD_IsDetected(void)


__IO uint8_t status = SD_PRESENT;


/* Check SD card detect pin */



status = SD_NOT_PRESENT;



return status;



So it definitely decides that the card is not present when the CD-pin is high. In the definitions the D3/CD pin is defined as the SD_DETECT_PIN and the internal pullup of the microcontroller is activated. This definitely can never work.

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