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Nucleo-144 documentation

Chief II

UM1974 Rev 10, Table 1. Ordering information:

For the NUCLEO-F303ZE board the column "Differentiating features" lists an "Ethernet", which is false.

Of course a deceptive photo and description just adds to the confusion...

Also similar issues have already been reported several times:

ST Employee

Hello @Piranha

I appreciate you pointing out those typos, 

I reported the UM1974 (NucleoF303) typo to be corrected internally (internal ticket number: 166064).

Regarding the feature description and the photo confusion on the NucleoF303, NucleoF072, and NucleoU575 websites, I reported these typos to the dedicated team.

We hope that the websites will be updated with accurate information soon 

Thank you! 

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