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Need help to identify the connectors on the ST-LINK /V2 programmer

Associate III

I'm making a simple PCB to interface with the SWIM and JTAG of the ST-LINK /V2. I would like to use the standard cables that came with the ST-LINK /V2 programmer, so I need to know the name of the connectors used on the SWIM and JTAG interface.

Appreciate if someone knows this off hand or can otherwise help me identify them.


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Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

Is this not in the ST-Link documentation?

The 20-pin ARM header is just a standard 0.1" pitch, 2-row header.

SWIM is ST proprietary for the STM8 - so may be worth checking out resources for STM8 chips...

Associate III

Maybe? I'm not sure, because I'm not familiar with what is written in the documentation.

The challenge seems to be the SWIM connector. The ST-LINK /V2 documentation talks about "an ERNI standard vertical (ref:284697 or 214017) or horizontal (ref: 214012) connector"

When I google ERNI and those numbers, what comes up does not look like the SWIM connector on the ST-LINK /V2. I also have no idea what is meant by vertical and horizontal in this case.

The documentation also describes the SWIM connector as a "4-pin, 2.54 mm connector". I've confirmed this by measuring. So I don't know. Are these types of connectors standardized to the point that if you know the pitch, number of pins and arrangement, then you can trust that a connector that meets those specs will fit?

The BoM is available for download:


Associate III

Good find! Thanks a lot!

ERNI is the connector manufacturer:

"Horizontal" or "vertical" refers to whether the connector is perpendicular or parallel to the plane of the board.

The Product Page is always the place to start!