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I think I damaged my stm32f407vg discovery board.


I was trying to drive a servo motor (MG945) from Timer 4 Channel 1 (PD12) and I succeced first time. Then I plug the cable out of my PC and change the rotation of servo motor by my bare hand. After that I pluged in cable back and then STM32F4 is gone with some burning smell :(

Now I am pluging the cable, the power LED comes on for a few seconds and then goes off again, during which time the U1 gets very hot

What should I do ?  Will changing U1 fix my STM board?



ST Employee


It could be the regulator (U1) and or other components that gone.

Check the schematics and try to find a way to disconnect the regulator (for example remove D3) and power supply the board externally with a 3.3V source.

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