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I am working on stlink-v3pwr debugger and pwr monitor works fine but it seems it could not work at same time because it works with same com port I want to know if there are any way to use monitoring power while I use debugger

ST Employee

Hello @MChan.12​,

As mentioned in UM3097 section 7.4.4 Virtual COM port (VCP), it is available on both DEBUG and BRIDGE connectors and must be used exclusively on one or the other connector (UART signals are internally connected).

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Thanks for reply

I am only using DEBUG port for virtual comport

I was just qurious if I could monitor power by stm32cubemonpwr and debugging with cubeIDE in same time for messuring accurate power consumption of specific code by debugging by cubeIDE but it seems it use same com port for each program. So it seems it is impossible in my theory. But I hope if there are any way to use both fuction in same time.

If not could you give a hint How to measure the power consumption of specific code?