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how to get RGB pins from f769-disc0 board (ltdc) to lvds

Associate II

Dear St-members , 

Could anyone please assist me in figuring out how to obtain RGB GPIO pins from the STM32F769-DISC0 board, which has only a few Arduino pins available? Is there a method to utilize an LVDS display of 1920x720 resolution and 10.3 inches with this board, such as using a MIPI DSI to LVDS converter or any expansion board for GPIO-RGB? Additionally, I am wondering if there is enough SDRAM memory (16MB) to handle a framebuffer for displaying only realtime- waveform without complex animations at this stage. Later, we plan to use TouchGFX for GUI development. I would appreciate any helpful insights or suggestions regarding which of the below schematics would be suitable for the F769-DISC0 board for interfacing with an LVDS touch display..

thanks in advance.


DS90C385AMT (1).png

Screenshot (638).png