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Hello, I am designing my Hadrware base on STM32H743VI. Was looking for Power supply application note I could not find any. I would like to know how I would have to connect my VCAP as the LDO is not used or provided. Shall I put it on 100n??

Associate III

What about Vref+??

As I am not using any Battery, I have decided to connect Vbat directly to VDD, is that correct?

OSC32 will not be used in my app, will it be possible for to leave it open?

Lead II

Have you checked AN4938 "Getting started with STM32H74xI/G and STM32H75xI/G hardware development"

or the data sheet for your stm32?

I see a couple of figures of "Power Supply Scheme"

They show 2 x 2.2 uF capacitors on VCap - make them ceramic because they need to be low inductance and low ESR to allow the stm32 to take gulps of current.

If you're not using the built-in LDO, how to you plan to power the Core Domain VCore?

Hope this helps,


Associate III

thanks for the quick feedback. I saw the AN4938 later and used it for the power supply. My µC does not have a dedicated pin to supply the embedded LDO.

By reading the datasheet, they also said, the VDDLDO is tied to VDD, when not available on a package (See oint on joint picture)