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I am planing to design a USB interface for programming purposes on STM32H743VIT6 as the bootloader is already integrated on the µC.

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I wondering on which hardware configuration, I have to implement for this purpose.

Could I just use the differential pair as in joined picture without VBUS (as the µC is supplier on Board)?

I would like to get more details on how to design this interface and why shall I design it that way.


You can use the built-in bootloader like this, yes, but it doesn't have debugging capabilities. You'll also need to power it and a way of putting it into bootloader mode. Your signals are mislabeled, but the hardware connections are correct.

If you are developing a new board, you should include a SWD debug port to facilitate development.

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Associate III

Thanks for the prompt answer, mislabelling is ok as I wanted to know if it can work in that way.

For bootlaoder config, I use resistpor with assembly option for bootloader.

Programming over serial is also considered in the design.

What do you means by powering it? My µC is working with 3V3 and I do not want to include 5V on board, I thought using the differential pair like on firts picture can handle the problem.

Which of the option on tje joined could fit the case mention?

thanks in advance