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B-L462E-CELL1 Application Software

Associate II


I searching for the application example for the B-L462E-CELL1 Board. 

In the Wiki it says: 

The following hardware setup (B-L462E-CELL1) embeds more functionalities than other hardware setups. It also includes BSP for sensors and display, as well as a complete IoT application that displays information on the screen, reads humidity, pressure, temperature sensors, and uses cellular middleware to exchange with the network (Echo, Ping).

Where can I find an application which for example sends data to a cellular network?
The website offers two ZIP folder for the x-cube-cellular expansion

  2. XCC_FreeRTOS

The first one only has one Project called "Nx_TCP_Echo_Client", the second one has "Cellular", "Cellular_PPP", "CellularIoT". 

However in the UM2426 User Manual, this Figure is shown: 


Which states, that the "Cellular" Example is inside the X-CUBE-CELLULAR expansion... but it isnt. If you download it, only the "Nx_TCP_Echo_Client" is in there. 

Do I have to merge the two folders? Can I install examples via the CubeIDE?
I just need an application example for the board and a manual on how to download the firmware to the board... The documentation is very unclear and not helpful at all... 

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards




ST Employee

Hello @Chani and welcome to the Community🙂 ,

You can find the demonstration examples shared in the user Manual in X-Cube-Cellular version 6.0.0 : 

-Cellular demo in\STM32CubeExpansion_CELLULAR_V6.0.0\Projects\B-L462E-CELL1\Demonstrations\Cellular\ 

- CellularIOT demo in\STM32CubeExpansion_CELLULAR_V6.0.0\Projects\B-L462E-CELL1\Demonstrations\CellularIoT\

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Hi Kaouthar,

Thank you. 

I merged the STM32CubeExpansion_CELLULAR_FreeRTOS_V7.1.0 and STM32CubeExpansion_CELLULAR_V7.1.0 folders and compiled the Projects\B-L462E-CELL1\Demonstrations\CellularIoT sucessfully with the CubeIDE. However, I will also try with Version 6.0.0.

Is there a documentation on the CellularIOT Code example? What does it do, how do I have to set up the SIM Card from my provider in order to send the data to the network? Stuff like that. 



ST Employee

Hi @Chani ,

I recommend you to follow the steps shared in this wiki Cellular X-CUBE-CELLULAR How To and precisely in Section 1.2.13 How to activate the eSIM with B-L462E-CELL1.


I hope this help you!


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Hello Chani,

How to add FreeRTOS support to Azure RTOS package

The main idea is to download an add-on and to apply it over XCC (based on Azure RTOS).
It adds all the required files to get Cellular using FreeRTOS / LwIP up & running.
Both X-CUBE-CELLULAR, delivery are based on Azure RTOS and XCC_FreeRTOS, add-on to add FreeRTOS support are available on
Once X-CUBE-CELLULAR is extracted, only Azure RTOS is available. To add new needed middlewares (FreeRTOS and LwIP) and FreeRTOS examples, users must extract XCC_FreeRTOS over X-CUBE-CELLULAR.
Thus, new middlewares, BSP for B-L462I-CELL1 board and FreeRTOS based "Demonstrations" are added. All Azure RTOS parts remain available.


Once done you can choose an Azure or FreeRTOS example.






Associate II

Thank you for the replies. 

I will check out the "How to" Wiki. 

However, I still could not find a description on what the pre-installed demonstration software on the B-L462E-CELL1 does. Which sensors are enabled? What data is sent? Is it possible to configure the hardware part sending commands via COM Port? 

Best Regards