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Alternative chip for ST25R3911B?

Associate III


Till now I was using ST25R3911B NFC chip for read/write (ISO15693).

Unfortunately ship have long lead time.

Can you please advice me which chip to use as alternative to have less changes on the PCB as possible?? (ST25R3912, ST25R3915, ST25R3917,... ??)

Thank you,



Perfect. The TRIM1 and TRIM2 (red mark in the picture below) line should just delete in antenna matching scheme or not?


Yes, you can also refer to 1.2.20 in DS.

For an existing matching with trim caps you probably want to compensate the middle value of your trim caps by changing the matching.

Regards, Ulysses

So your advice is left this Red crosses capacitors and lines?

0693W00000FBdcPQAT.pngBut in datasheet of ST25R3915 is shown that the TRIM pins should be Not Connected.

Best regards.

Sorry to not have been clear: I would remove them and follow the DS. There can no good come from them and in worst case there would come harm.

regards, Ulysses