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STEVAL-L99615C demo load doesn't work



Now I work with the STEVAL-L99615C board and have some problem with it. I don't have an 5-cell board, so I connect charger and all needed saignals directly to the board. The board is configured to work in HS. GUI demo version 2.0.0.  Emb. version - 05-11-21-01
When I set the "Charge ON" in GUI - the charging is starting, all works good. But if I want to start discharging it doesn't work. Before turning on the discharge, I turn off the charger. The output voltage on the CH- and CH+ - is battery voltage, but if the load will connected to the output pins then output voltage dropped down to 1.6V. 

Also, I tried to run STSW-L9961BMS Demo4 1.3.0. The datasheet says that you also need to use a board, but I don't have one. The program correctly shows all voltages on the cells, but when I connect the load, the program starts to incorrectly show the voltage of the last cell and the corresponding errorphoto_2024-04-09_15-31-20.jpg


ST Employee

Hi Michael, 

are J13 and J14 open? How did you connect B+ and B-?